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IT Modernization: Making the next remodel revolutionary

Time Description Location
7:30 - 8:30 am Registration & Breakfast Meeting Level 2 (M2), Salons 7-10
8:45 - 10:50 am 8:45am Welcome and Conference Kick-off
Meeting Level 2 (M2), Salon 6
9:15am Morning Keynotes- Ash Carter, 25th Secretary of Defense
10:00am IT Modernization Panel with Robert Efrus
10:40am Morning Closing remarks and Exhibitor spotlight
10:50 - 12:20 pm Exhibitor Experience & Lunch Meeting Level 2 (M2), Salons 7-10
12:25 - 1:05 pm Breakout Session #1, See session info below Meeting Level 3 (M3)
1:10 - 1:50 pm Breakout Session #2, See session info below Meeting Level 3 (M3)
1:55 - 2:35 pm Breakout Session #3, See session info below Meeting Level 3 (M3)
2:40 - 3:20 pm Breakout Session #4, See session info below Meeting Level 3 (M3)
3:30 - 4:30 pm Afternoon Keynote & Closing Meeting Level 2 (M2), Salon 6
4:30 - 5:30 pm Partner Hosted Networking Reception Meeting Level 2 (M2), Salons 7-10
Track 1:
Innovation starts with delivering program and service agility

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Track 2:
Achieving value through IT Modernization using Governance Risk and Compliance techniques

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Track 3:
Turn your Cloud Portfolio into Meaningful Shared Services platforms

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Track 4:
Establishing a Cyber Security posture that delivers visibility, agility, and accountability across all
Federal Government departments and agencies

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Track 5:
Turning your 80% legacy investment into innovation

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Breakout Session #1
How our latest product roadmap can optimize Open Source use and accelerate Continuous Planning and Integration
A business framework for the “How to” not just the “What” in Federal IT Modernization
Next Generation Hybrid Cloud in government - Making sense of cloud migration, service brokering, and multi-cloud management
Micro Focus Security – Navigating the complexities of government security and risk management
Using IT Modernization to offload development, increase productivity and eliminate testing bottlenecks
Breakout Session #2
Use DevOps to deliver “Consumer-Grade” Mobile Apps
Optimize and standardize your commercial software spend and improve your FITARA scorecard grades
Spurring adoption and reducing cost of service delivery through intelligent service management
A: Put Security into DevOps Now Or Prepare For the Flood
B: Analytics Everywhere: Enhance your security pattern collection and threat investigations with ArcSight Investigate
Using IT Modernization to re-host your mainframe applications to a distributed environment
Breakout Session #3
Running high quality test and verification at the speed of DevOps
Modernizing Enterprise Data Analytics using Vertica
Facing the challenges of multi-cloud and shared services monitoring and management, are you ready?
A: Comprehensive data security for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) data-at-rest, in-motion and beyond
B: Extend, scale, and protect your SIEM platform to address network, application, data, and end-point user layers
Mobile-to-Mainframe: Rapid Application Modernization
Breakout Session #4
Applying Artificial Intelligence against unstructured data assists human analysts with the ever increasing volumes of text, audio, video and images, delivering improved speed of insight and accuracy
Managing the full governance, risk, and compliance lifecycle of your high valued assets (HVAs)
You can't optimize what you can't automate and audit
A: Introducing the ArcSight Data Platform (ADP), an Open Platform for Event Brokering that delivers real-time, improved pattern recognition against a wider range of sensors
B: Maximize protection time while minimizing exposure time for efficient, consistent and secure access to corporate assets within and beyond your firewalls with Micro Focus Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution
Protect Host Systems with Modern Security Frameworks