2019 Government Summit Tracks and Breakout Sessions

Enterprise DevSecOps: From concept to reality - moving to an Enterprise DevSecOps model doesn't have to be difficult

Location: Supreme Court Room

10:50 - 11:30 am

State of the Union: Does the Government need a standard framework for Enterprise DevOps? Learn about the journey to value for DevOps and how standards helped successfully guide one of the world’s largest DevOps and Enterprise scale safe implementations

In the age of FITARA, Cloud Smart, and mandates across government for IT Modernization, de-facto standards are starting to evolve for DevOps. Is there a need for an Enterprise Approach and Framework? What Policies and Procurement changes are needed to fully support DevOps? In this session, we will answer these questions, as well as discuss details about the Micro Focus Internal DevOps Implementation, end-to-end governance, and how a common tool chain is driving innovation and value across over 300 product groups. We will also highlight how agencies can leverage new approaches such as value stream management to align with mission priorities, improve security, collaborate with stakeholders, avoid pitfalls, and establish a successful DevOps enterprise program office.

1:10-1:50 pm

From CI/CD to DevSecOps with Continuous Assessment & Governance. Assuring that security compliance is automatically built-in

What's so special about "Enterprise" DevSecOps? In this session we will discuss how DevOps must build in continuous planning and continuous assessment/monitoring, as well as CI/CD. Learn about Value Streams and how they bridge the divide between the business and the ops/sec and development teams. Discuss comprehensive DevSecOps tool chains that can shift both security and testing left in the application life-cycle. Understand how standards and metrics can be used for governance as well as improving the speed of delivery and compliance with FISMA, CDM, and NIST Frameworks.

1:55-2:35 pm

Leverage value stream mapping to assess your Agency's DevOps capability and drive results faster

Learn how to leverage Value Stream Mapping to measure and improve automation and eliminate wasteful time steps in your DevOps process. Drive better collaboration, breakdown cultural barriers, and establish a performance baseline that can be used to both measure and improve the speed of innovation. We will review a practical example of an enterprise DevOps toolchain based on value streams.

2:40-3:20 pm

Leverage your "O" in DevOps - An automated approach for deployment with validation and governance built in

Don't forgot the O in DevOps. In this session learn how large enterprises are streamlining their product builds to include compatibility with application and production support monitoring and assessments. Common approaches such as tagging for tracking and aggregation to real-time monitoring will be discussed. Advanced AIOps capability can be built-in to every application during test/dev as well as production systems to assure that continuous assessment/monitoring provides feedback to continuous planning.

Hybrid IT Track: Moving from mobile to server, legacy, or multi-cloud - the boundary less agency awaits

Location: Monument Room

10:50 - 11:30 am

Designing the future smart cloud – A discussion on the evolution of cloud architectures and how to design a cloud brokering solution that meets today’s legacy and multi-cloud requirements

What will the future cloud deployment model look like? What will IT Management look like in the future, with the federation of cloud services at the micro level and the use of containers within cloud architectures? Take a journey with Micro Focus ITOM Offerings and learn about composable IT Management services that can be enabled on premise, or in multiple clouds. As Hybrid and Multi-Cloud requirements continue to evolve, learn how Micro Focus IT Management services are architected and designed to keep pace.

1:10-1:50 pm

Prepare Your Operations Team for the Cloud Transformation

As many agencies proceed down the path of migrating mission critical applications to one or more cloud providers, IT Operations teams are faced with new challenges. Join us for a brief overview of the challenges uncovered during the GSA cloud center of excellence (COE) initiative from their industry lead. Next, learn success strategies required for the shift in the organization, processes, governance and use of technology to optimize cloud workload and ensure your agency realizes the benefit of transformation. We will show how to ideally architect the Micro Focus IT Ops software to enable seamless management of a multi-cloud environment.

1:55-2:35 pm

Next-Gen Real Time Monitoring Solution for Today's Cloud Architecture

Join us to discuss how the digital transformation is driving requirements for real-time monitoring solutions and configuration tracking. We will demonstrate how IT Functions must align with a common taxonomy for measurement and data governance to ensure consistency and quality decision making. We will discuss why Predictive Analytics are more accurate if based on high quality real-time data feeds that can only be achieved if a common framework is established first. In addition, we will demonstrate powerful automated capabilities to remediate known issues and performance degradation faster utilizing consistent real time metrics and alerts.

2:40-3:20 pm

No Data Center Left behind - Cloud Migration, Application rationalization, and the Modern Mainframe

Why can't we move standard and Legacy applications to the cloud easily? In this session we will discuss and learn from others that have successfully migrated complex applications to the cloud safely. Learn about a proven methodology for application assessment, planning, and migration that assures success and reduces risks. Learn about growing trends for digital transformation of mainframe workloads and how public sector customers can leverage the Cloud, AI, ML & Power BI for predictive analytics. A recently completed success story with USAF will be highlighted with and a discussion of lessons learned, best practices, and potential pitfalls.

Supply Chain Risk Management & Security Track: Supply chain risk management and the latest security innovations to protect the government enterprise

Location: Chinatown Room

10:50 - 11:30 am

eSIEM - DoD Enterprise Log Management and Correlation Platform

The DoD Enterprise Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) project provides real-time situational awareness to combat advanced cyber threats currently being faced by the entire DoDIN. A scalable and repeatable reference architecture has been deployed; leveraging lessons learned from successful SIEM projects with Fortune 500 companies, industry-accepted open standards, a 9th-generation high-performance server platform, and current ArcSight ESM software releases. Come hear from the integrator on why ArcSight was selected and to hear about various success stories.

1:10-1:50 pm

Micro Focus SecOps Innovation: "A look into the future of security insights"

ArcSight has a long, storied history of protecting the world’s leading enterprises through enabling clear and comprehensive insights that help reduce damaging security breaches. Yet, with modern digital transformation comes new challenges and threats. How will the ArcSight of tomorrow help customers reduce complexity at a time of massive data explosion, and scale to address a global range of threats and reduce resource-intensive security operations? Hear about the core capabilities required for successful SecOps within a modern landscape. This overview also includes an ArcSight roadmap and introduction to Interset for UEBA, Micro Focus’ newest acquisition enabling advanced analytics for anomaly detection through unsupervised machine learning.

1:55-2:35 pm

Managing Privilege and Access…Autonomous Driving for Security and Identity

Why continue building disparate, expensive, high-complexity Identity and Access Management systems on-premise when we can integrate those features in the cloud as a service? How can we deliver Identity Assurance Levels that are high enough for the risk associated with a particular transaction, to include PIV/CAC and NIST compliance? Come and participate in a discussion on how cloud, As-A-Service capability is transforming identity, security and the user experience from mobile to cloud to mainframe in this interactive discussion. Several agency use cases will be discussed. Participants should walk away with a knowledge of how to provide autonomous driving for their internal and external agency identities.

2:40-3:20 pm

Managing your software supply chain risk - What's hidden in your software?

Software security is mission security. Recent Government Accounting Office reports suggest that software security continues to challenge all government agencies. This session will introduce the concept of DoD's "Deliver Uncompromised" initiative and include real life stories about securing the software supply chain, specifically with GOTS and open source software.

Data Management & Protection Track: Data - how to maximize the value, govern and protect one of the government's most important strategic assets

Location: Treasury Room

10:50 - 11:30 am

Transforming Information Lifecycle Management at the Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management

The sheer amount of data makes it impossible for agencies to effectively manage their data manually. Agency executives and front line employees need solutions that automate data management to save them time and resources. An information management and governance platform can help with the full life cycle management of data. In this session, you will hear about the Department of Energy – Office of Legacy Management’s (LM) efforts to improve operational efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance through the application of Micro Focus Secure Content Management software. LM undertook an initiative in 2018 to increase operational efficiency and regulatory compliance through the implementation of modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and file analytics tools, allowing LM staff to accomplish their work with greater accuracy, efficiency, security, and compliance.

1:10-1:50 pm

Protecting agency PII and mission data while securely enabling cross-agency information sharing and analytics.

Are you using the same methodology from over a decade ago to secure your sensitive data? Learn about the latest proven methods to secure your valuable data for today’s global threats and compliance with DFARS CUI and GDPR requirements. It is paramount for federal agencies to understand the current threats and the methods combatting them when moving your data and applications to the cloud, performing big data analytics, and migrating to hybrid infrastructure, SaaS, or PaaS. Help make your CISO and cybersecurity team sleep better at night!

1:55-2:35 pm

How New Capabilities in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Can Revolutionize Government Operations

In the next 24 hours, Vertica analytical databases operating around the world for thousands of data-driven organizations will be loading and analyzing petabytes of data across trillions of rows! Some of these applications drive the businesses you depend on for transportation, finance, energy and much more. But you probably don’t even know how they respond so well to your needs. Attend this session to learn more about how the latest innovation in database analytics can empower your government mission.

2:40-3:20 pm

SecOps Analytics – Advanced Threat Detection with faster Breach Remediation

IT security threats grow in volume and sophistication every day, to the point that defending against known threats is inadequate to avoid major security breaches. Complicating matters is the explosion of cloud, mobile, IoT and other transformative technologies. Keeping up requires an enhanced approach, from protecting solely against known threats, to recognizing and neutralizing unknown threats in rapidly changing environments. To compete against fast-adapting attackers requires visibility into a broad pool of data sourced not only from security logs but also from development pipeline systems, operations, and identity and access management systems. Further, there is a clear need to apply machine learning to these broader data sets and accelerate breach response with sensible automation in order to reduce reaction time that eliminates or minimizes data loss or damage to the environment, while helping to address the industry-wide security skills shortage. In this session, we will explore how this can be accomplished through the integration of existing Micro Focus and third-party technologies to provide industry-leading performance, breadth and depth of coverage for both IT security and operations use cases.

Intelligent Automation Track: Intelligent automation for a more productive, consistent, high level of success with your current workforce

Location: Mint Room

10:50 - 11:30 am

Using machine learning to assist developers and security auditors  in software assurance.

Software security is a massive manpower challenge across the industry, and especially in the federal government. Most software curriculum in the United States does not include secure code development. This session will present the road to DevSecOps in government by a practitioner that has helped agencies over the last 7 years, with a focus on automating and assisting both developers and auditors to help discover, triage, remediate and fix future coding flaws that lead to security breaches.

1:10-1:50 pm

Automate and integrate business processes, Improve productivity and unleash creativity with Robotic Process Automation

Discuss how digital transformation is imposing incredible workloads on the Federal Workforce and how automation is required to keep pace. Provide examples of success with Robotics for Functional Testing, and many other use cases to demonstrate how it enables the workforce to focus on high level strategic tasks.

1:55-2:35 pm

Modernization through Maximizing your IT Investment in analytics and data insight

Information technology has evolved as a true business enabler. With investments going back decades, and the constant discussion of modernization of legacy and current technology, let us talk about the roadmap to modernization through analytics of data and re-vitalization of your current infrastructure. Rip and replace is not the low risk solution to modernizing your enterprise. Migration, evolving infrastructure, and broader use of information is the key to drive actionable information from your current and future investments. This session will discuss the roadmap and path to modernize in a low risk economical process that works within your budget and current environment.

2:40-3:20 pm

Using Artificial Intelligence in Government Missions

After decades of investment, the era of harnessing Artificial Intelligence to assist humans with everyday tasks, discovering patterns, and uncovering meaning in data is upon us. As a leader in applied AI in open source intelligence, defense operations, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure industries, this exciting session will present AI use cases using any data source including textual, audio, video, structured data and technology capabilities to spur the imagination for how you could use them for your mission problems.